Sunday, December 30, 2012

Are you scared of snakes?! - Mr. Tuxedo

Hey you lovely guys,
Has been a long time since our last post! The reason is that we're spending our holidays in different places as said in our last post here: ( :-)
Let us know what you think of our outfits and we hope you'll start good in the new year!
Lots of love & thank you so much for all your support! :-) xx

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Casual soldier - Feeling like a working dad

 Hey you lovely guys :-)
We hope you all had a merry, merry christmas or you just enjoyed your free days! 
Today we met for a short catch-up 'cause we haven't seen each other for daaaayyss (it actually felt like weeks!) 
The next couple of days we both won't be in Zurich so it's going to be hard to upload something! 
But we'll try - promise! :-)
We wish you a lovely week and if you're as lucky as we are and you are having holidays - enjoy! 
Lots & lots of love :-) xx

 You're probably wondering why we chose this titel for the outfit: 
It's basicly 'cause I'm wearing my dad's old Armani shirt :-) 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost university-girls!

 Hey lovely guys! :-)
Finally holidays - you can't imagine how happy we are! The last weeks were just sooo stressful! 
But as we have no school for two weeks, we're going to try to work more on our blog :-) 
Today we had another of our awesome saturdays (where we're just grabbing a coffee, doing some shopping, taking pictures or just relaxing). And because our university in Zurich is soo beautiful, we thought it would be fun to take some pictures there. It actually was a bit depressing, not because the building isn't nice, just because we realized that we have soo much more years to spend at school before we can finally go to university! 
We hope you all are enjoying your free days and you're already feeling very "christmasy" ( It's sooo hard to get these kind of feelings in Zurich right now as it has zero snow :-(, we hope you are luckier!)
Lots and lots of love to all of you! xx 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

P.O.C - Brad Goreski - Le freak c'est chic

 Heelllloooo ;-)
We hope you had a super awesome day! We actually had no school this afternoon so we did some christmas shopping, but we still don't have all our presents, so we probabably have to go again on saturday! 
We wish you all a lovely evening xxx
 This outfit was actually inspired by Brad Goreski. He used to be Rachel Zoe's assistant, put now he has his own business and TV-show, which we're obsessed with :-)
Here's the link to his page if you're interested: ;-) 

Don't you think pieds de poule and flower print is a bit freaky?! 
Shouldn't we all be freaky sometimes? ;-)