Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All ways lead to the Niederdörfli

 Hey you lovely guys!
For today's pictures we decided to go on this lovely square right in front of the "Kirchgasse" in the "Niederdörfli"! 
It's probably one of the most amazing places in Zurich - there are never too many people as you can probably tell from the pictures.
We're sooo excited for summer to come, 'cause it's just soo much more fun to take all the photos without being so cold that your hands turn red and almost fall off!
Who else can't wait?? ;-)
Also we just wanted to thank you all for your support once again as we hit 200 followers in the morning, it literally means sooo much... we would have never imagined this! :-)
Also we changed our google+ picture - do you like it?
So we hope you all enjoy this post and we will see you very soon!
Lots and lots of love :-)

 Tried to shake my hair.. this is what happened ;-)

Have a lovely Wednesday! xxx

Monday, February 25, 2013

Foggy lunch at the lake

 Hey you lovely guys! 
So school started today and believe us every hour felt like a month - know that feeling??
But actually it's quite good to be in Zurich again and to be able to talk to you guys more often - it literally makes us sooo happy :-)
Today we decided to take our pictures once again at the beautiful lake in our lunch time!
We're so excited for summer to come, it's sooo nice to sit there when the sun is shining on your face! Don't think it's already warm, we're just walking around like it's 20 degrees! ;-)
That awesome little blue house is right next to the bellevue and a lovely restaurant.. and it's perfect to take pictures in front... agree? 
Anyways we will see you in our next post, it's all back to normal!
Lots & lots of love and we hope you all enjoy this post :-)

We hope you all had an amazing start in the week and you enjoy this post :-)