Friday, September 20, 2013

Exciting times

Hey all you lovely guys,
So we're finally back! The last week was just crazy with 5 exams. But now we're all ready for our exciting trips we've been wanting to talk about forever :-) From our school we actually have the opportunity to do a "Personal Project" where we can basically do what we want. We both decided to to an exchange, Rachel in London for two weeks and Nina in Boston for 4 weeks. And another exciting thing is that Rachel will come to Boston on holidays afterwords, so stay tuned for blog pictures :-)
We hope you all understand that we won't be on here that often, but we'll be back with new energy and ideas very soon! Thank you so much for all your support and we'll talk to all of you very soon!
Lots of love from switzerland,
Rachel and Nina,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Busy week ahead

 Hey all you lovely guys out there,
So here we're back with some pictures we took today after school. The weather here in Zurich is freaking freeeeezing at the moment - so crazy, weren't we wearing shorts and tanks last week??! 
Anywayyss next week is actually one of the busiest weeks ever! We've got 5 exams in 4 days but after that we're already off to some exiting destinations! But more of that in our next post :-) We hope you are all enjoying the week and enjoy this post! Lots and lots of love from Switzerland and thank you very much for your comment on our 1 year post - made us sooo happy,
Have an amazing day hones! :-) xxx

Monday, September 9, 2013

1 year!

Hey guys
So today is a very special day: Our blog is one year old! Wuhuu :-)
We can't believe it's already been a whole year, the time flew by we'd say! We started this blog not knowing what we'll have to expect and how it will turn out. And looking back on the old photos (which we shot with the I-Phone by the way) we're definitely sure that we "grew up" and evolved, not only taking better pictures with a better camera but also our styles and how we express ourselves through our clothes! And at this point we wanted to thank you guys; for commentig so lovely and give us some nice feedbacks, for following and helping us build up our blog, without this support we wouldn't be where we are now!
Kisses from Zurich

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A ticket to Stadelhofen please

 Hey all you lovely guys,
Finally weekend - had our spanish exam yesterday and now we're freeee! (well for like a week or something haha) Annyyways, for today's post we decided to take the picture near the "Stadelhofen"  train station. Such a lovely place - we have lunch there quite often :-) Fashion week has started - can we just say all the collections are amaze balls! Sooo you guys we hope you are all enjoying your weekend and getting some rest. We'll be back very soon!
Lots and lots of love from switzerland,
Enjoy your weekend guys! :-) xxx