Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Hey you lovely guys! :-)
Okay before you look at these pictures and think swiss people are weird 'cause they dress up like knights and Egyptians we should maybe do some explanation!
Yesterday was the "Sächslilüte" which is always in the middle of April and all the guilds of Zurich walk through the city with their different costumes!
At the end they all meet at the "Böögg" which is a fake snowman on top of a bunch of wood.
At exactly 6 o' clock they set fire on the bottom and count the time until the head of the snowman explodes! The less time it takes, the better the summer should be!
Yesterday it took about 35 minutes which is reeeeaaaallllyy long, but after this beautiful day we're definitely confident about that!
And one more thing! we've only got 4 more days to go and then we're off to Paris - can't waaiiiiitt!
We hope you all enjoy this post and we'll see you very soon!
Lots and lots of love from Zurich
Nina & Rachel

 Definitely the best guild from Zurich - Zunft Meisen!

Have a lovely evening you guys! xxx

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another grey day!

 Hey all you awesome guys out there!
If you've been wondering, yeah we're still alive - you just can't imagine what a horrible week we had, definitely too much teachers and exams around us! But we've already got holidays in one week - sooo damn excited! we'll tell you soon what our locations are :-)
So today we're finally back with a new post - we took the photos on this lovely square near to our school! 
The weather next week is said to be sunny and warm, so hopefully we can show some awesome spring posts - finally :-)
Lots and lots of love and we hope you enjoy this post!

Have a lovely evening, morning or whatever it is :-) xxx

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Limmat flair

Hey you lovely guys!
So first of all you were probably wondering why we skipped our wednesday post - well, our lovely Biology teacher decided to make an exam today so all we did was studying all afternoon long!
Anywayyss for today's post we decided to go to our place at the "Limmat" - if you go there on a hot summer saturday you will probably spot us! ;-)
The weather is still not awesome, everybody's smiling when the sun comes out for one second!
Still hoping for spring to come sun :-)
We hope you all enjoy this post and you're having a lovely thursday!
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Lots and lots of love from Zurich

 The lovely Grossmünster church - Zurich's beautiful right??! ;-)

Have an amazing evening hones! xxx