Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bern is the burner!

Hey all you lovely guys out there! 
First of all we're sorry for not being on here as promised, but the week got unexpected stressful, our teachers are just sooo nice ;-)
But anyyyways - today we're back with a veerrry exciting post. We spent the last tuesday in Bern having lots of fun taking pictures everywhere like a tourist, eating yuummyy stuff and doing some shopping! Seriously you wouldn't believe it but that city is actually sooo different to Zurich!
The weather kinda sucked, but we made it work ;-)
For our outfits we just have to say, mirror sunglasses are our faaaavv. at the moment.
So now we'll just let you enjoy those pictures, have an amazing day you people!
And just had to add that we have 1 more exam to go and then we're freeeee.
Lots and lots of love from Zurich, 

Loving our sunnies!

Zytglogge - there just had to be a picture :-)

Gotta love Lorenzini! Try their spaghetti Carbonara - simply delic.

Seeing Rachel in my sunnies? ;-)

 Our trip ended in the lollipop store, how could it be different??! ;-)
We hope you enjoyed these pictures! Have an amazing weekend hones! xxx

Saturday, June 22, 2013


 Hello all you lovely guys out there!
We're happier than ever to have a looooong weekend ahead of us - the last week was simply stressful and exhausting! Not having to do anything for school just feels like heaven you people ;-)
For today's post we decided to take our pictures on the "Lindenhof" which is probably one of the most beautiful places in Zurich! There is such a good atmosphere there :-)
And oh my we've got summer holidays in 3 weeks - Israel and Asia are calling! Caaaann't waaiiiit!
We'll talk about that in more detail veeery soon!
Also we don't have school next monday and tuesday which allows us to hang out with you guys on here a little more - stay tunned for a new post soon! :-)
We hope you all enjoy this post and you are rocking your weekend!
Lots and lots of love from Zurich!

Have an awesome day loves! :-) xxx

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day in the city

Hey all you lovely guys!
Holy moly you can't imagine how awesome the weather has been here in Zurich, summer has definitely arrived! Today we spent our morning in the city just enjoying the sun and doing some shopping, we were especially in the mood to find some new bikinis, anyone else in this with us?! ;-) 
And our mac is finally working again - such a relieve :-)
We took these pictures on the "Bahnhofstrasse" next to the Jelmoli (that's a popular shopping center) because there's always such a good atmosphere around!
We've got a week full of exams ahead, kinda sucks, but thinking about the summer holidays in 1 month keeps us going. We will talk about our destinations very soon :-)
We hope you guys are having a fun weekend full of sunshine and you enjoy this post!
Lots and lots of love from Switzerland!

 N for "New Balance" or "Nina"? We prefer number 2 ;-)

 Watermelon for anyone? 

Have a sunny day! :-) xxx