Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday excitement

 Hey all you readers out there!
Saturdays are always exciting - We normally meet up at 10 o'clock, grab a cup of coffee and stroll around the city doing some shopping and taking the pictures for the blog! It's such a perfect time to catch up on everything (that may sound a bit redic. as we go to school together and we're even in the same class, but with the whole stress about exams and stuff there's often not thaaaaat much time for chitchatting). Other topic, as seen in our last post christmas has definitely arrived here in Zurich, the decoration at the "Bahnhofstrasse" which is like the main shopping street is up and everyone is in the christmas mood. The only thing that's missing is good old Mr. Snow - Fingers crossed that he comes soon and reaaaaaally gets all excitement for christmas on! So now we're off to bake some christmas cookies. We will see you all very soon - Have a great weekend people and enjoy the 2. advent       tomorrow!                                        Lots and lots of love from Zurich,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hey everybody
Long time no see! We'll here we are again. Such a busy school schedule (as always) and not very happy with the cold, grey winter-weather here in Zurich!
Because of that we were so happy when the sun fiiiiinnally came out, so we had to sees the moment and we took these rather sunny pictures on the Parade Platz :-)
But winter also brings something very exciting..chriiiistmas! Zurich is filled with christmas decoration e and so we just HAD to take these pictures infront of the giant christmas tree, standin right in the middle of this busy place.
We wish you a very christmasy week