Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunny castle

 Hey you lovely guys! 
The first thing we thought when we got up this morning was: hopefully the sun will shine! 
And look what we had, a lovely & sunny weather which made us soooo happy:-) 
So as we had this amazing weather, we decided to shoot at the "Landesmuseum", which is an amazing building with a really lovely small garden!
We had so much fun while taking them although there were a lot of people looking really strange probably thinking: whhhuuaaaattt? ;-) 
Anywaysss we hope you are all having an amazing week and omg we've got only 1 more week to go until the holidays - Can't wait! 
Thank you sooo much for all your lovely comments, they seriously mean the world to us! 
Lots of love
Rachel & Nina

 I got a new haircut.. what do you think of it? ;-)

Isn't it lovely there? :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busy Paradeplatz

 Hello you lovely guys out there! :-)
Today we took our pictures at the "Paradeplatz" in Zurich and you can't imagine how tricky it was... 
Every single time we had a good shot, people were in it! 
Probably wasn't the best idea to go there at lunchtime..
But we just wanted to show you the atmosphere and of course also take some pictures in front of the Armani shop.. ;-)
Whatever, we hope you still enjoy these pictures! If you wanna know what we do in these lazy days until the holidays, check out our twitter ;) 
we've now only got one and a half weeks to go - whoooop ;-) 
We wish you all an awesome evening!
Lots and lots of love


Saturday, January 26, 2013

We want summer!

 Hey you lovely guys! :-)
Yesterday we had our last exam - Holidays can definitely come now! 
Today we did a looooot of shopping to kinda treat ourselves, as we had some pretty busy weeks since christmas and went for a late Starbucks coffee to look nice and awake for the pictures..
We decided to take them by the lake, 'cause we just love the atmosphere there and the sun was shining beautifully.. 
It was fun, except for us freezing so much, that we thought we would die any second - We're soooo ready for summer! 
We hope you've all had an awesome weekend so far and if not, these pictures cheer you up a bit!
Lots & lots of love and thanks for all your support :-) xx
Rachel & Nina 

Have a lovely Saturday everyone! :-)