Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sun, watermelon and sandals

Hey all you lovely guys!
Finally we're back with a new post - last week just got sooo crazy 'cause our lovely maths teacher made us write an exam on friday. The weather has been amazing the last few days - really trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as we can before fall comes! We took these pictures on one of our favorite places in Zurich next to the "Limmat" river. We used to take a looooot of posts there.
Anybody remembers? ;-)
We hope you are all enjoying your weekend and getting some rest. 
We'll be back very soon!
Lots and lots of love from Switzerland,
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Enjoy the sunshine guys! xx

Monday, August 26, 2013

in between school

Hey Guys!
Today we had a "spare hour" in our busy school-schedule and so we did the shooting in between the Chemistry- and Sports-lesson :-) The weather is a little bit annoying right now, in the morning it's quite chilly and you need a jacket, but than in the afternoon it get's hot and you're getting all sweaty, not fun, especially not after school!
But anyways, we try to enjoy the last days of summer!
Have a nice week, lots and lots of love

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend - finally!

Hey you awesome guys out there,
Today we're back with some pictures we took today morning while enjoying our well deserved weekend. And omg you guys, every single time we take photos in places like this one, where a lot of people tend to walk around, a few feel the need to give us a feed back or something. Well today a chinese guy asked us if he could take a picture with us. Weird huh??! ;-)
The weather hasn't been that amazeballs lately, but maybe it's just autumn coming? 
Anyyywayss, we hope you enjoy this post and you're having a great weekend.
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Lots and lots of love from Zurich,

Farmer and Maui

Hey all you lovely readers,
MAAAAN just deleted this post by accident! Hate it:(
So here it's again. Hope you enjoy!
Lots and lots of love from switzerland,
Have a lovely day honey! :-) xxx