Thursday, November 14, 2013

The cold is coming

Hey all you lovely guys out there!
Winter has definitely arrived here in Zurich. The weather forecast for tomorrow is snow - how exciting is that? But the downside is that we've both been having this naasssttttyyy cold for the past few days (we're not sick, but not feeling awesome either) That's why we've been getting out all our warm jumpers and jackets and have been layering - it's just sooo much fun to do that, in summer you're even too hot with your one tee haha! We couldn't be more excited for the weekend to come and having some  "off school quality time". Annyyyways now on to these pictures! We took them today after school once again on the lovely "B├╝rkliplatz" at the lake (we've already made this post here, look at what we're wearing compared to now - crraaazzzyy) So we leave you with those pictures now and we'll talk to you all very soon! Lots and lots of love from Switzerland,
Have a lovely evening hones! xx

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Flashback Saturday

Hey all you lovely guys!
Today we're back with some pictures we took about two weeks ago when the weather was still lovely and not too cold. But we're reaaally excited for the snow to come - be prepared for some serious "winter jacket outfits" soon haha. We've got a lot going on in school right now with exams and presentations. That's why we haven't been on here that much. We hope to have more time soon - school just sucks ;-)
We wish you all a lovely weekend!
Lots and lots of love from the rainy Zurich,

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday stroll

 Hey all you readers out there,
Today we're back with a sunday post - kinda unusual huuhh? :-)
We took these pictures yesterday while strolling through the city. We made some sneaky purchases - you'll probably see them on here very soon!
The week ahead doesn't look that stressful, we've got a french exam on friday, but other than that we're gonna be free! 
We hope you are all enjoying your sunday and making the best out of the weather. It's horrible here in Zurich, but what should we do. It's casual Swiss rain. Hate it. ;-)
Lots and lots of love,
Enjoy your sunday hones and thanks for reading :-) xx