Saturday, May 11, 2013

A day at the flea market

 Hey all you lovely guys! :-)
As some of you might know from one of our older posts, we always meet up on saturday, grab a coffee, stroll throw the city and finally visit the flea market on the "Bürkliplatz" again! And seriously we love that! You can find awwweeessommme stuff especially rings for an even more awesome price!
It's like heaven on earth ;-) well maybe not that amazing, but still! 
But It was kinda hard to take all our pictures there as some people always felt the need to start talking to us like: "ohhhh you're taking model pictures, am i right?" - believe us in german it sounds even more ridiculous ;-) or other ones wanted to take photos with both of us.. they ended up looking quite funny!
But all in all we always have a lovely time there! 
So if you're ever in Zurich definitely check it out :-) you won't regret it!
We hope you all enjoy this post as much as we enjoyed making it!
Lots and lots of love from Zurich, 

 Who would like a cup of tea? 
Godda creep out our neighbors! ;-)

 Probably our favorite place on the flea market - love everything!

 Vogue mirror?! - Hell yeah

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely weekend :-) xxx


  1. I love your fur vest and your oxblood bag!

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. You both look so cute and adorable! It looks like you had a great an funny time ;D
    Cool outfits, specially the fake fur vest and the burgundy bag! You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on “GFC”, “Google+” and bloglovin? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  3. For me the main attraction on this flew market are you two beautful girls <3 Like your stylish outfits, especially the super cool fur vest!

    Lots of love from Bavaria, Rena

  4. It's soooo long ago since I've been on the fleamarket!I have to there very soon!

  5. Thank you! Are you already in the fb group called "Blogs made in Switzerland"? It's a place where we discuss about fashion, blogging and plan meetings, would be a pleasure to have you with us! And by the way, I live near St.Gallen :) How old are you?

  6. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I love the markets. Garnet is awesome bag. I also like your outfits. Keep in touch

  7. You girls are adorable! I love both of your outfits. That big metallic clutch is so cool. And I love the glamorous fur shrug over such a casual top. I'm inspired! I am sure you two had plenty of fun at the flea market. Following you now!

    May the force be with you.

  8. great post!! :)
    Have a nice day! xoxo
    please, visit:

  9. I love the sporty chic and you both rock this look so well. Glad you had fun at the flea market <3


  10. Zurich is one of my dream destinations! Anyway, you both look stunning :)

  11. Great post!

    You want to follow each other in the GFC and Bloglovin?

    Best wishes,

  12. Really nice market!! And both of you are perfect with your looks!!! I love silver bag!

  13. I love markets! they are always a lot of fun!
    cool photos, thanks for sharing

  14. coole outfits! danke für euen kommentar! :-)

  15. Loving these outfits so much! I always think a slouchy sweatshirt looks chic, and that feather capelet is to die for!

  16. Amazing girls!! great pics!!


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