Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday girl

 Hey you lovely guys! :-)
The last two weeks have been absolutely craycray - exams, Nina's confirmation, our mac dieing and last but definitely not least Rachel's birthday yesterday which was kinda a special occasion 'cause she turned 16! 
This week we kinda have some time to take a break of all our school stuff and do things we really enjoy - always love that, makes us feel soooo happy!
For todays post we decided to take the pictures on this pretty awesome square called "Münzplatz" with a fountain in the middle and some amazing shops around, like Fidelio for example :-)
We really hope you enjoy this post and thanks for sticking with us, means the world!
We will see you very soon, have an amazing evening!
Lots and lots of love, 

Have a lovely day you awesome people! :-) xxx


  1. Happy birthday, Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Rachel!! Lovely place and pictures :).


  3. Happy birthday, Rachel! I´m sure this year would become as wonderful for you as your always perfect outfits <3 Love your looks of today, too - especially the coat and the Galaxy-Shirt!

    Lots of love for you two wonderful and clever girls from Bavaria, Rena

  4. hey birthday girl, alles gueti nochträglich! Hoff hesch din Tag gnosse :) Und yes, we'll definitely keep in touch! :)

  5. nice pictures! Pls put more! Shall we follow each other? i love comment and browse blogs i followed!
    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~ lol

  6. Love both of your outfits! and Happy Birthday!
    - Charlotte
    P.S. please have a look at my giveaway:

  7. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    You two look so adorable, love all this outfits

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  8. Happy birthday! I love your outfits so so much. Especially the one with the coat is wonderful, I love that combination of yellow and pink.
    xo Peach


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