Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greetings from us!

Hey you lovely guys! :-)
So here we are back with our third post we took before leaving for our summer holidays. We basically strolled around eating some donuts and taking pictures, 'cause it was our last see for 4 weeks. That's crazy right? :-) We're now probably chillin' somewhere on the beach, as said, Rachel in Israel and Nina in Bali - finally getting some tan on! (fingers crossed, haha) 
We hope you guys are enjoying life as much as we are and we'll see you all very soon!
Lots and lots of love and thanks for stopping by,
Have an awesome weekend loves! xxx


  1. love the neon bag!
    xx Stephanie (

  2. That donuts seems to be delicious!!!!

  3. Love your outfits and pictures so much.
    Have wonderful holidays!
    xo Peach

  4. Both outfits are so beautiful so are you both! <3
    I have a similar denim skirt like that, now thanks for the inspiration on how to style it with! ;)

    Big kisses!

  5. So cute! Loving the college trend! Hope you have lots of fun :)

  6. Lovely outfits guys! And now I want some donuts :) Hope you are both having wonderful vacations!

  7. Ihr gsend wie immer super us! D Schuel fangt bi eu nechst wuche ah, oder? Freu mich scho ufd Fotis vo eure Summerferie! Ach Mensch, würd au so gern z Züri lebe (oder mal wieder uf Züri cho, haha) aber isch leider 3h Zugfahrt :O (Appezell sucks, right). Aber wenn ich mal wieder döt bin werdi mi uf jede fall bieu melde - denn chemer ja en Kafi go trinke oder so! :)

  8. Nice outfits! Love your floral shirt and your jumper and neon satchel! Nice pictures!

    Check out my latest post

  9. wow love the top and whole outfit
    check out my blog?

  10. You two are absolutely adorable! What two cute summer looks. Thanks for visiting my blog dears!
    Let me know if you guys want to follow each other :)
    Keep in touch!

  11. Nice outfits!

  12. cute post and yummmm, donuts!

  13. Hello you 2 beauties - now I´m waiting for your posts regarding your vacations, I´m sure you look as least as awesome than in this post <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. Sweet girls, are you ready back to school? Of course you enjoyed your summer holiday ) good luck

  15. So cool ! Love both outfits :)


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