Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flowers all around us

 Hey all you lovely guys out there!
Soooo finnally our summer holidays have arrived - happiest time of the year! Rachel is actually leaving for Israel today and Nina for Asia next monday - we're both beyond excited and can't wait to have the best time evveeer! If you're wondering, yes there will still be posts! We actually prepared them all over the last few weeks and we're really excited to hear what you think about them!
Also you may have realized that we added some tabs, do you like it? :-)
Okay so moving on to our actual post. We took those pictures the last friday on this cute little meadow!
We've actually never been there before - crazy how blogging makes us see Zurich through a whole new pair of glasses!
Sooo you guys we hope you enjoy this post and we'll see you soon!
Are you guys planning a trip somewhere?? :-)
Lots and lots of love from Switzerland!


  1. ciao,

    you will probably read my comment when you'll be back home ......have a nice holiday !
    I'm going to reach my daughter in Basel

    Bye Ave

  2. Cool outfits!!


  3. Hello from Spain, happy Holidays. Great outfits. Keep in touch

  4. adore that neon skirt, and the bright necklace in this post! enjoy the holidays:)

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

  5. absolutely adorable ladies!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  6. You guys dress better than some fashion bloggers twice your age. Also, I love how both of you coordinated with neon accessories.



  7. Love these looks guys!! Obsessed with this neon yellow daisy skirt, have been seeing them around alot. Hope you're enjoying your Summer and all your trips :)

  8. Freut mir daser e neui Kamer kauft hend - mer merkt en Unterschiid, der Blog wird jetzt besser und besser werde als er eh scho isch, und ich gönns eu uh mega!
    Hoff ihr werdets au gnüsse z Asie (wo genau?) und Israel, tönt uf jede Fall seehr spannend und freu mich au scho uf Fötelis.
    Oh definitiv, es wär so cool eu mal z treffe! Ich bin das Jahr wahrschinli ader Mode Suisse und Züri Fashiondays debi, ich nimm ah ihr werdet au döt si ;) Hey, hend ihr evt. Facebook? Würd eu mega gern döt adde!
    We'll stay in touch! Have nice holidays my dear!
    xx Tanja


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