Sunday, July 21, 2013

Enjoying the sunshine

Hey all you lovely people out there! :-)
So here we're back with our second post we shot before our summer holidays. 
We're now probably having lots of fun, getting tanned and relaxing, Nina in Bangkok and Rachel somewhere in Israel -  So exciting!
And what are you guys up to? ;-)
So now on to these pictures - we took them next to the lovely lake, the weather was amazing and it finally felt like summer! We just have to say that we are beyond happy with the new camera Nina bought (EOS 700D)! And the special lens finally arrived, but we obviously haven't had the change to shoot blog pictures with it! So excited to do so when we're back :-)
So you guys we hope you enjoy this post and you're having an awesome week, while working or relaxing! 
Lots and lots of love and we'll be back soon!

Enjoy the sunshine girls ;-) xxx


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful models of bags. I like your bracelets. We keep in touch.

  2. Hope you guys are both enjoying your well deserved vacations! Yay for the new camera, can't wait to see the new shots :) You both look super cute as usual. The whole reflective sunglasses thing really didn't catch on to me, but I really love yours!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. Hope you guys are both enjoying your holidays! Loving these mirrored sunglasses!

  4. Nice summer outfits!

  5. Beautiful outfits and photos. You guys look amazing.

    Mel's Corner

  6. Nice outfit! I love the neon bag!

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